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Prayer Requests


Larry Zielke– hip surgery went well

Seth Schroeder and Hannah Sprague are engaged.

Andrea Heverly’s surgery went well

Celebration “Sundae” was a huge success

Celebration of life for Barbara Baird was a true witness of love of family

Congratulations to Jack & Jordyn Niederhiser who were married October 1st.







Government officials around the world

First responders, front line workers, military, veterans and their families

Lane Heverly (9 years old) – surgery November 10th

Joe Yoder– hospice care

All the kids, teachers and staff returning to school/ college

Bruce Pearson– brain cancer

Dan Fair– struggles after heart surgery

Sue Johanson– beginning new treatment

Linemen in storm relief

Liz Black– healing

People of Florida effected by the hurricane

Pauline Wayne– fractured hip, recovering from surgery

Healing of relationships

Nancy Dean– healing of broken leg

Larry Zielke– healing

Barry French– recovering from back surgery

Holly Morrow– severe sinus infection

Josh McDonald– brain tumor

Victoria Carpenter– recovering after a car accident





For the Bereaved:

Family of Drema Kinder (Brittany Sprague’s Aunt)

Family of Janet Starrett (Bonnie McDermott’s sister)

Family of David Brown

Family of Virginia Thompson (Bonnie Michalek’s mother)



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