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The kids had a Great time at Kingsway Farm




Kids 4 Kids Auction is coming November 9th. The Children are working on a special project... 


Kids Day Out(14)

Kids Day Out(13)

Kids Day Out(12)

Kids Day Out(11)

Kids Day Out(10)

Kids Day Out(9)

Kids Day Out(8)

Kids Day Out(7)

Kids Day Out(6)

Kids Day Out(5)

Kids Day Out(4)

Kids Day Out(3)

Kids Day Out(2)

Kids Day Out(1)

Fall Outing(7)10.13.19

Fall Outing(6)10.13.19

Fall Outing(5)10.13.19

Fall Outing(4)10.13.19

Fall Outing(3)10.13.19

Fall Outing(2)10.13.19

Fall Outing(1)10.13.19

Kids 4 Kids(12)10.13.19

Kids 4 kids (11)10.13.19

Kids 4 Kids(10)10.13.19

Kids 4 Kids(9)10.13.19

Kids 4 Kids(8)10.13.19

Kids 4 Kids(7)10.13.19

Kids 4 Kids(6)10.13.19

Kids 4 Kids(5)10.13.19

Kids 4 Kids(4)10.13.19

Kids 4 Kids(3)10.13.19

Kids 4 Kids(2)10.13.19

Kids 4 Kids(1)10.13.19


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Thank you for supporting our children's ministry and helping kid's go to summer camp.

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